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Service Satisfaction


We ALWAYS want you to be 100% satisfied with your service. 

· Haircuts - You have a week to get a tweak. Play with it, style it up, show it to your best friend! If however you find a new look you love more or you want it taken a whole lot shorter that is a whole new appointment.

· Chemical Services - Same rules for haircuts. Please remember that the lighting at your house, your office, the mall is different than we have here. You have 7 days if you need more oomph (a quick gloss or a couple extra highlights) that's on us. If however your second cousin twice removed and your great aunt who did hair way back when thinks you're too red or too blonde (can there be such things!) that's a whole new appointment. Unfortunately, if you are using non-professional home care on your beautiful hair we cannot guarantee your color.

· Nail Services - Enhancements - You have 7 days with your finger jewels just like with your hair. If you have broken a nail off completely due to carelessness (you decided it was a good time to break rocks or try to close the car door on your hand) we will need to charge you for a repair (we can tell what happened we're magic). Gel Polish - If it starts to chip/peel (we hate that too) give us a call and we'll fix you right up. Pedicures - We strongly recommend that you wear sandals or flops to keep "smooshy" polish at bay if you need to leave super fast, you should stay with us for at least 15 minutes, but you have 4 days to come on back and have us fix it up.

Got questions? Great! Please ask your stylist ... better yet ask Pam!

This is our least favorite policy but ....


ALL appointments require a credit card to hold your appointment time (we're sorry, the few ruin it for the many even in a "small town"). ALL no show appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the FULL service price. (NO deals/discounts/promos applied to no show/cancel charge). Also please be aware that all no show/cancel charges that "fail" will be charged $5 per "fail" charge and you will be invoiced (we know, it sucks). Should you have 2 or more no shows/cancels we require a $50 non-refundable deposit (when you show for your appointment it will be applied to your service and the balance refunded to you, if there is a balance ( the service date you left the deposit for...sneaky).



Pricing & Gratuities



ALL prices are subject to change at any time. Pricing is also based on your consultation.

Tipping is entirely up to you. Please know that all tips added to checks/credits cards are paid out on payroll (you know Uncle Sam wants his cut).




We love that you love us! Tell us! 

Definitely tell everyone you know! 

Each referral gets you 15% your service and your referral also gets 15% off (make sure they tell us you sent them in or we'll never know). 3 referrals for YOUR service gets you a freebie for being fabulous.

Gift Certificates/Packages



The perfect present! There are unfortunately NO refunds on gift certificates or packages. 

Gift certificates/packages are NOT redeemable for cash and balances may NOT be used for tipping (unless purchased with tip included for exact service prices). 

ALL packages have an expiration date - please note the date of expiration for your package. 

ALL complimentary gift certificates have an expiration date - please note the date of expiration for your complimentary gift certificate.

Gift Certificates must be surrendered when redeemed. 




Client confirmations are done via text and/or email only. Please let us know if you're not getting your reminders

(you didn't send us to spam did you ?). It is, however, your responsibility to remember you appointments. Please make sure we have your current contact info on file.

Refunds & Exchanges



There are unfortunately no refunds. Exchanges on product will be gladly given within 14 days for product that is more than half full. Services are not refundable.

Child Safety Policy



We all love our littles but many of our clients come to see us to escape THEIR littles. If you must bring your children with you for your appointments they MUST be under your watchful eyes, a salon is a hot, sharp place for little ones full of things that don't taste good but look yummy. Please help us keep your little ones safe, we cannot assure their safety in a salon environment. Please also keep our other clients in mind.